I went to my favorite rock by the Hermitage. I first focused on a bud of Queen Anne's lace, then my attention was caught by a spider web in a small cedar tree. It sparkled as the sun hit it here and there, and I simply admired it for its beauty and being, Unlike the tree, which I might have been tempted to see for its "use" to me (boards, moth preventive, etc), the web itself simply was. Of course it was of use to the spider, for catching food, but not to me.

I was able to concentrate on it far longer than my usual span. I thought about God being like that web - often unnoticeable, beautiful, lit up at random, hidden when the clouds go over the sun, but still "there" and one never knows quite when he will be lit up.

Oh, to admire, to adore God in just that way! With no idea of God's "usefulness" to me - simply adoring him for his beauty and the random sparkles and glimpses of him.. and then I thought how, by grace, I might be able to see all people in the same way - not for any usefulness to me or to anyone - simply seeing each person as the sun (Son?) (interesting how that play on words can only, I think? happen in English) sparkles on them here and there. And to see myself in the same way.

© Copyright 2012 Christine Gilson