Rivendell... "The Last Homely House east of the Sea... A perfect house, whether you like food or sleep or storytelling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all."

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Motherhouse of the Rivendell Community
is in the beautiful countryside of southwestern Missouri, near the village of Dunnegan. Its 67 acres include forest, pasture, garden and orchard, a creek and a pond, along with a barn and chicken coop. Built by its original Amish owners, the house is now supplied with electricity and partially remodeled to furnish comfortable guest accommodations. A chapel, a library,and a cedar log cabin hermitage have been added. The latest addition to the facilities is a pair of stand-alone cottages.

The house offers several comfortable guest rooms, including facilities which are fully handicapped-accessible. It is also home to the residential religious community who staff it and maintain its daily patterns of prayer and life. Linens and towels, and all meals, are provided. Guests need to bring only comfortable, casual clothing and personal items. (Comfortable walking shoes for outdoors, and slippers for indoors, are suggested.)

The Community’s vision for the Motherhouse: A “homely house” of prayer and hospitality, alive with worship and the beauty of holiness, simple in life and rich in story and song, graced with deep quiet and lively conversation, fragrant with flowers and fresh bread baking, resisting the powers that corrupt and destroy through the counsels of the Gospel and the power of the love of God.

Its mission: to strengthen and sustain the Church’s work in the world by providing a haven of rest, replenishment, quiet, study and prayer for her ministers, ordained and lay; to serve the Church as a resource for spiritual life and formation, for study, retreats, and sabbatical time. A number of thematic retreats and conferences are offered at the Motherhouse each year. Take a look at our Retreat schedule.

The Motherhouse also offers facilities and hospitality for personal retreats and for small groups. Retreatants may stay in the House, in the hermitage, or in one of the cottages.. Silent and/or directed retreats are available by request. Guests may simply participate in the life of the Community as fully as they wish.

Hospitality is offered as part of the work of the Community.
There is no charge for retreats at Rivendell, though donations are welcome. Guests who are able to be more generous help us provide hospitality for those of more modest means.

For more information or reservations, contact Retreat Coordinator Virgina Brown, 417-827-2868, MotherVirginiaDB@gmail.com.