Individually designed hand-made vestments

Chasubles, priests' and deacons' stoles can be made in any liturgical color, with individually designed hand-embroidered motifs. Each is a unique creation. Contact us for more information.

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A few recent custom designs (click on pictures to enlarge):

"Rosa Mystica"

White chasuble and stole set - brocade lined in rose satin
"Veni, Sancte Spiritus"

Red chasuble and stole (may be worn as overlay)

Gold satin lining

Front: descending dove

Back: orphrey with crosses and seven symbols of the work of the Holy Spirit in the Old and the New Covenant
Agnus Dei

White chasuble set; gold satin lining
Navajo sacred symbols

Green deacon’s stole (convertible to priest’s stole)

Embroidered with panel depicting symbols of the four sacred mountains, rainbow house, corn stalk and cross
Alpha and Omega

Purple chasuble and stole

(Chasuble unlined; stole lined with silver satin)

Back orphrey embroidered with Alpha, IHS, Omega
Pomegranate stole

White with red satin lining and red fringe

Symbol: The pomegranate is a traditional symbol of Easter, bursting with the seeds of new life, and of the Church, in which the many fruitful seeds are contained in the one body

Suggested Donations and design information:

Stoles from $ 70 to 150; chasubles from $ 150 to $ 300.

For special orders, please allow one to three months.

Vestments can be designed with special motifs and symbols, and made for various sizes and styles.