Emmaus Chapter Schedule

Online Evening Prayer is done via a Google Hangout. Companions, Associates, and Postulants may participate by connecting to the Google Hangout with their computer, or by telephone by getting one of the online participants to "invite" their telephone number, which will make Google call them up.

Evening prayer is conducted using the form from the Rivendell Daily Office books, available from Rivendell Press (Virginia). Because Google Hangout can only transmit one voice at a time, reading in unison is not possible. Instead, for readings normally done in unison (such as the psalms), a single reader speaks. If you want to speak along with the reader, just mute your microphone to do so. We usually have three speakers: the officiant, the Psalm reader, and the scripture reader. We normally read the daily Gospel reading at evening prayer.

Instructions for using Google Hangout on an iPad or iPhone

To access the Google Hangout used for Evening Prayer, click on the calendar event to expand it.
Select event
At the bottom will be a "more details" link.
More Details link
Click on this link to bring up the details.
Hangout link
At the bottom of the details, you will find the Google+ Hangout link. Click on this link, log into Google plus, and enter the Hangout. We will be there, or joining you shortly.