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Welcome to the Antioch Chapter of the Rivendell Community! We invite you to come in and look around, and let us know if you’d like more information.

The Antioch Chapter is geographically centered in the Houston area of Texas. It’s one of the regional Chapters of the Rivendell Community, an intentional Christian Community canonically recognized in the Episcopal Church. The Community includes women and men, clergy and laity, single, married and partnered--all sharing a common Rule (or pattern of prayer and life) and drawn toward an ever deepening life of prayer along with self-giving service in the world.

Antioch takes its name from the city where followers of the new Way of Jesus were first called "Christians" (Acts 11:26), the very early church there having made the crucial decision to accept Gentiles without requiring circumcision, and so opening the door to the radically inclusive and welcoming Church which sent St. Paul out on a missionary journey.

Some of the Antioch Chapter’s interests include

Partnering with congregations to enrich spiritual life through retreats, quiet days and workshops

Assisting smaller congregations and their clergy by providing supply clergy (with or without usual compensation)

Inviting people sensing a vocation, or drawn toward deepening their life of prayer, to explore religious community--in Rivendell or some other Community or way.

We’d welcome the opportunity to be in conversation with you!

Virginia Brown+, CRC

What is the Rivendell Community?   The Rivendell Community is a canonically recognized Christian Community of the Episcopal Church.  The Community has a Rule, a period of discernment and study for those who feel they may called to become Companions.  Companions take formal vows.  The Antioch Chapter, whose members live in the greater Houston area is one chapter of the Community. 

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The Rule of a community is a general framework to guide the lives of its members.  To view the Rivendell Rule, please click here.

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